Sake Study Tour n°1 – January 2019

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A 5 day sakagura (japanese for “sake brewery”) tour in the sake brewing season to learn “first hand” the technique of sake production and to meet historical producers to learn from their words what sake is and how to spread it around the world. During the tour you will be escorted by our founder Marco Massarotto who is one of the world renowned experts in sake and has been juror at IWC Sake challenge in Kobe in 2016, is one of the few selected WSET official sake educator and has been nominated Sake Samurai 2016  A unique ambassador and travel companion to understand and appreciate in depth the sake world. 

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(Breweries’ names, hotels, lunch and dinners will be updated and specified in the upcoming weeks.)

  • 8/1/2019 – Tokyo.  Introduction to the tour and sake tasting with Japan n° 1 distributor (included). Free dinner (not included). Sleep in Tokyo.
  • 9/1/2019 – Tohoku / Ichinoseki. Departure at 07:30 and visit to Hiraizumi golden temple and a local producer in the region that gave birth to one of the most famous “sake schools”, that of the Nambu Toji guild. Local dinner (included). Local onsen visit (not included). Sleep in Ichinoseki.
  • 10/1/2019 – – Tohoku / Iwate. Departure at 07:30 and visit to Asabiraki shuzo in the region that gave birth to one of the most famous “sake schools”, that of the Nambu Toji guild. Dinner with Wanko Soba a traditional soba cup challenge (included). Sleep in Morioka.
  • 11/1/2019 -Akita – Morning visit to a traditional brewery and local lunch. Departure in the afternoon for Niigata. Dinner and stay in ryokan with onsen (natural spa).
  • 12/1/2019 – Niigata – Visit a world acclaimed brewery from a historical sake brewing region with amazing giant “natural ice room” and their local village style brewery. Lunch at Brewery’s Izakaya (pub style restaurant, included). Leave in the afternoon for Kyoto, Dinner on the train (not included).
  • 13/1/2018 Kyoto/Fushimi. Visit one of the oldest and largest producers of Japan in the area known as the cradle of sake”: Fushimi. Learn from their masters and laboratories about sake, visit their local sake museum and “sakagura restaurant”. End of tour h16:00 on January 13th 2019 at Kyoto station. Free travel back to Tokyo or to other individual destinations.

Price:  €1.490 per person. The price includes:

  • 7 days rail pass valid in all Japan(the pass lasts 2 days more than the tour that you can add before or after)
  • 5 nights in single room with breakfast in Tokyo, Ichinoseki, Morioka, Niigata, Kyoto
  • 5 guided tours to 5 sake breweries
  • Sake tasting and lesson on January 8th evening
  • Local dinner in Morioka on January 9th
  • Wanko Soba dinner in Morioka on January 10th
  • Ryokan dinner in Niigata on January 11th
  • Sake based lunch at brewery on January 12th
  • Train “ekibendinner on January 12th
  • Traditional lunch at brewery historical izakaya  on January 13th
  • Tour guide and explanation in italian on January 8th/9th/10th/11th and in english on January 12th.
  • Not included: unspecified meals, taxis and flight.

For further info, booking forms and reservations lese send a mail to: