Milano Sake Festival 2014 (English)

This is the english page for Milano Sake Festival 2014. Milano Sake festival took place in Milano, Italy on september 20th and 21st 2014. The “Milano Sake Festival 2014” has offered to Japanese producers and exporters the unique opportunity to:

– meet the key people for italian market (journalists and bloggers, distributors, chefs, authorities)
learn how to enter this market and to promote their sake
present their product in preview to the gourmet community of the city of EXPO 2015
– offer and start to sell your product at the Festival shop
plan and organize EXPO2015 activities

More than 10 japanese producers and distributors have participated, with more tun 35 types of sake available for tasting.

Producers participating in 2014:  GekkeikanMasumiKozaemonSuisen ShuzoAkashi TaiYucho SakeCHOYA UmeshuNøgneTakara Shuzo

 Distributors participating in 2014: YoigokochiUENO GourmetJFC, FoodexAke Bono

Please download the Milano Sake Festival Report for further information. 


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